Q: Can I get banned for using tMorph?
A: Yes, but I have NEVER heard of anyone getting banned, and I’ve personally been using it since start of MoP

Q: Where can I download tMorph?
A: You can download tMorph right HERE

Q: Can other see me using tMorph?
A: No, tMorph is 100% client side, so other players will see your “real” character only

Q: Can I change my characters gender?
A: Yes you can, by typing .gender in chat when tMorph is active

Q: Can I change my race using tMorph?
A: Yes you can easily change your race, you can use the codes below
.race 1 = Human
.race 2 = Orc
.race 3 = Dwarf
.race 4 = Night Elf
.race 5 = Undead
.race 6 = Tauren
.race 7 = Gnome
.race 8 = Troll
.race 9 = Goblin
.race 10 = Blood Elf
.race 11 = Draenei
.race 22 = Worgen
.race 24 = Pandaren

Q: Why is my tMorph gone everytime i restart wow?
A: Simply because you have to restart it everytime, as it doesn’t remember anything. You can make Macro in-game so that you can click a button and your tMorph set appears.

Q: I want to replace an item with another, can I do that?
A: Yes you can, just use this list when changing the ID.
1 = head
3 = shoulder
4 = shirt
5 = chest
6 = waist
7 = legs
8 = feet
9 = wrist
10 = hands
15 = back
16 = main hand
17 = off hand
19 = tabard