tMorph 7.3 is not here yet!

Hello everyone! I see a lot of comments on the site asking where to download tMorph 7.3

First off, this site is not the creator of tMorph, nor do we keep it updated. So we all just have to stay tuned and wait for a 7.3 update

We did do some reading, and we see that World of Warcraft 7.3 changed something for 3rd party programs, and this might explain the reason why tMorph 7.3 is not yet out, so again, all we can do is wait and hope!

When and if the update goes live to 7.3 tmorph, it should be downloadable from here

Until then, we just have to wait.

Best Regards
The Morphmytoon Team


6 Replies to “tMorph 7.3 is not here yet!

  1. I really liked tmorph but , the prob blizz are going to block it hope it comes next expansion or newer patch i really hope it comes soon

  2. The creator of tMorph announced on Twitter that he won’t be developing it anymore. It’s sad times in WoW without it.

    “PSA: I’m sure it’s obvious to some of you at this point, but for various reasons I’ve decided to cease active development of tMorph. It has been a fun few years, but all good things must come to an end. :)”

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